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The Contemporary Alabaster Collection

The Contemporary Alabaster collection is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship and nature itself. Each lamp in this collection is a unique piece, created through the use of a particular type of dried pumpkin called Lagenaria whose purpose is to illuminate, while transmitting emotion and warmth.

The collection aims to give color and enhance different environments by virtue of its versatility. 

The goal of this collection is to create limited edition luxury organic lamps that are modern, functional and totally environmentally friendly.

In a world where technology and mass production prevail, the Alabaster collection want to establish a connection between man and nature. 

Starting from the use of raw materials they create elegant, luxury products characterized by high quality craftsmanship.

Perfectly imperfect

What makes each lamp unique and perfectly imperfect is the Lagenaria dried gourd. Each pumpkin has its own thickness, veining and shape; consequently, the lamps will have more or less transparency reflections created by the light that meets its veined surface.

The effect obtained will be magical and fascinating thanks to the pumpkin's multifaceted shades of warm light of the pumpkin.

The splendid veining of the pumpkin, accompanied by the wood and its colors, give a warm and valuable aspect that, together with precious metal accessories, create an elegant, contemporary design piece, accompanied by the historical Italian craftsmanship. 

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