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Saturn is an elegant sustainable chandelier made of dried Lagenaria gourd.

In Western astrology, the planet Saturn is associated with perseverance, logic and seriousness, and governs the responsibilities of the individual and itsbalanced relationship to the outside world. The chandelier is therefore intended to represent Saturn as a sustainable planet in all its aspects. Saturn is a manifesto to promote the quest for a more sustainable world. The pumpkin lampshades are framed by chrome-plated aluminum rings which reflect the light and create an effect of increased luminosity all around the chandelier. Each lamp is unique and signed by Margart on a coin located on the base, which indicates its serial and limited collection number.


High 145cm - Diameter 50cm

Bio materials

- Chandelier rosette made of ash wood veneered with pre-compounded grey wood

- Lampshade made of Lagenaria dried pumpkin.

Recycled material

- Metal rings: aluminium

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