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Bio Cloud is an elegant sustainable chandelier made of Lagenaria dried gourd that floats in the air like a cloud. From the 3D printed hemp heart of the lamp, three bows branch out creating a harmonious bond. This union gives a warm and singular light to the surrounding environment that serves as a backdrop to our emotions, respecting the synergistic bond with nature.

The lampshades can rotate horizontally by 360 degrees to orient the light.

Each lamp is unique and signed by Margart on a coinage located on the chandelier rosette.


Height 20cm - Diameter 90cm

Bio materials

- Chandelier rosette made of ash wood veneer with a mahogany, briar or grey veneer finish.

- The heart of the lamp is a 3D printed hemp sphere.

- Lampshade made of Lagenaria dried pumpkin.

- Ash wood structure water-varnished in dark brown, white or grey.

Recycled material

- Metal accessories: brass, copper or chrome.


1. Dark brown and brass 

2. Gray and chrome 

3. White and copper 

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