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For cigar lovers and more, Margart has created a timeless coffee table. 

A new icon of luxury bio design, and a tribute to the ancient Italian tradition of growing tobacco leaves for the production of Tuscan cigars called 'toscanelli'.

The table is named Catarina because it was inspired by a story from 1559, in which Jean Nicot de Villemain, the French ambassador to Lisbon, sent Catherine de Medici the leaves of a plant, a 'miracle from the New World' to be used as a remedy against skin ulcers. In fact, crushed and cooked with pork fat, it succeeded in healing the ulcers of Catherine's son, Francis II, and was henceforth called catharinaria herb.

That plant was tobacco, which got its name because it came from the island of Tobaco in Mexico. 

Each coffee table is unique and signed by Margart on a coin located on the plinth indicating the serial and limited collection number. 

On request the coffee tables can be customized.


>Small size: hight 42cm - diameter 45cm

>Medium size: hight 50cm - diameter 60cm

Measurements can be customized if requested

Bio material

> Ash wood base veneered in rosewood

> Tobacco leaves

Recycled Material

> Brass structure

> Table top made of two pressed sheets of tempered bronze glass and dried tobacco leaves.

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