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MARGART Margherita Sala Bio Designer

The main purpose of the company is to accomplish the goals of sustainability, which will allow mankind to continue living on the earth.

The guiding principle is sustainable development, aimed at meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The company is committed on using available environmental resources to create a new design ideology; responsible design. 

In light of phenomena such as environmental degradation, climate change, overconsumption, population growth and unlimited economic growth in a closed system, we have a duty to take care of our planet, and this is the contribution of Margart!


The handcrafted Lagenaria gourd is an organic modular material with no environmental impact.

The metal parts are recycled tubular and can be recycled.

The ash wood is recycled and bio-compatible with a water-based colored paint finish.

The hemp sphere, a component of the Bio Cloud chandelier, is 3D printed and made from hemp shives and PLA (bio plastic).

Cultivation of tobacco 
Perugia, Umbria
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